Can’t believe that Isabella is already two years old, it feels like it was yesterday that we came home with our little baby girl. Our minds were ready to the challenge of a newborn but our bodies didn’t lol…  Matt, Miyuki and I are very blessed with Isabella, she has challenged us and changed us […]

Sweet Charlotte is turning one, and I was fortunate enough to be able to capture these smiles and wiggles from Charlie. Charlotte’s smile can bright the most darker room in a rainy day.   And the smash cake begin!!! Lets make my foot try a little big too lol….. An applause to my brother that […]

Another great side of being a member of the military family is that we get to meet amazing people from differents parts of United States, people that highlight our days with their amazing stories and company. This week, I had the pleasure of photographing Audrey and Aaron, a sweet couple that moved from beautiful Alaska […]

I  started writing this post 2 weeks ago, and my main point was to share the struggles as a military wife. So I started the post writing about how hard has been for me get used to the military life, but while I was writing about it, I realized people that were around me were […]

Yesterday I realized an important fact in my relationship with my husband. When we were saying goodbye to my sweet mother-in-law, my husband suddenly commented that we can’t do much in the mornings because I am not a morning person, which of course made me mad. So I asked him “ If I am not […]

I will never forget the day in October of 2014 when my husband came to our apartment in Japan, very excited and with those big green eyes that wanted to scream themselves. He made sure we were looking at him waiting to hear his news, and then he screamed “Get ready y’all’s stuff, we are […]

Hello , This is my very first blog ! I am so excited to share my personal life with you so that you get to know who is behind the camera. This blog is made with the goal of connecting us closer and finding things in common that we can discuss together, enjoy together, and […]