Heather & Jancarlo



Heather and Jancarlo are one of the funniest and most sweet couple I have ever met. When Heather contacted me for her maternity session, and told me that she wanted it done at the fair, the first thing that crossed to my mind was “How are going to make this happen?”

I love to take pictures with minimal distractions at possible and be in charge of my location, but I knew that this wouldn’t happen at the fair lol…

I arrived at the fair so excited and ready for this challenge, but searching for a parking spot, and the waiting in line to get into the fair was so long that it kept Heather and Jancarlo waiting for us (yes, I say “us” because Heather and Jancarlo treated my whole family to the fair, they are the sweetest!).

Heather definitely challenged me,  but I am glad she trusted me because I love the results. I loved the whole experience and the time they shared with us. Love you guys and can’t wait to meet sweet Alex!