I'm Fujiko

A fine art wedding and family portraits photographer residing on Aberdeen, North Carolina.

Hello my name is Fujiko Yakazu, the face behind Mibella Studio.
A mother of two precious girls, and a military wife, a Human Resources college student and a dreamer.
Thanks to my husband’s job, we have been able to travel around the world which has opened our eyes to different cultures and beautiful cities and views that has left us speechless.
I have loved photography since I was very little, well my height hasn't changed much lol, but my passion has driven me through the years to be able to tell stories with just an image.
Sometimes it is just the small details that make a world of difference.
 I have trained my eye to catch those moments that will stay forever as one of your best memories. 


How got in love with photography?

My dad moved to Japan when I was 3 years old, and every time he came back to Peru (usually every 3 years) he would have a camera in his hands most of the day, everyday. Now that he is gone, every time I see a picture that he took, I feel him, and I understand how much he appreciated that moment and that he didn’t want to let it pass without having something that will make him relive that moment again. I love photography and I owe it to him.


Matt and I love to travel and learn about other cultures, even though travel has became a challenge for us after Isabella was born. We still enjoy making new friends wherever we go. 


How my perfect date looks like?

It might sound very old school, but in the last couple of years, Matt and I have enjoyed dates in coffee shops rather than in fancy restaurants. Where we can sit and talk without feeling rushed, we just enjoy each others company.


Home Decor

Matt and I love home decor, well probably mostly me lol... I also drive him crazy everytime I move things around. 


"Love doesn't have to be perfect , It just needs to be true"