Three years living in Germany



I will never forget the day in October of 2014 when my husband came to our apartment in Japan, very excited and with those big green eyes that wanted to scream themselves. He made sure we were looking at him waiting to hear his news, and then he screamed “Get ready y’all’s stuff, we are moving to Germany”(with his southern accent). At first my oldest daughter screamed Yayyy! I think just because daddy was so excited. I was excited and sad at the same time, because my whole family lives in Japan and I am really attached to my mom. This news was something that we all wanted but never expected it to come true so soon… that moment was when reality really struck me and that made realize the bad side of new changes.

Japan has been my home since I moved from Peru at 17 years old. I love Japan! From their food, culture, education system…everything!!! But I did not expect to break out in tears the moment the airplane took off. I was already heartbroken from having to say goodbye to my family and friends, and having to say goodbye to Japan was extremely hard as well.

We stayed for about a month in South Carolina, my husband is from there, that helped me to not feel so depressed, this is because I love to spend time with my husband’s family. They are so lovely, like a family off of a tv sitcom…all loving and happy (this is how my husband described them to me when we were dating…and YES…it is soo true!). In the end, we had to kept going and leave them as well :(.

We arrived in Germany around 3 pm, the first thing we did was go to eat schnitzel. My husband’s friend picked us up from the airport on the base and drove us around. I was in love with the view! Everywhere I turned to look was beautiful and vintage! Like a dream come true (if you like fairy tale stories of course!). That summer of 2015 seemed to be the hottest summer that Germany had in decades, and this was coming from Germans we had met…and the terrible part is that Germany houses don’t have AC! Yes you are reading it right no AC!!  They don’t really have AC because the summers are normally mild and fairly short…it’s never hot enough to absolutely required one in your home. So if you are planning to go for visit in summer be prepared or at least make sure your hotel has AC…for the most part they usually have fans though lol….

We found a house after a month of being there, it was a duplex, it came with a wonderful landlord that lived beside us…he now is more than a friend, he is and will be part of our family forever. We were blessed to find him, because he made those three years a wonderful experience, bringing us closer to the German culture even though he was American. We had great neighbors and made incredible friends, we didn’t have many but the ones that we had are well worth a thousand.

At first, putting aside our friends, we thought that the Germans were really cold people, not just because the weather, but for the way they treat you and look at you…if they even look at you…Lol. We were just comparing everything from Japan, come to find out we were wrong, amd we didn’t learn this until living there for some time. Certainly they were not cold people, that was their way of being respectful, but once they get to know you, they will gift you a smile. If you are lucky, they invite you over to their house on Sundays (Sunday and holidays are special for Germans, they usually close all stores, except some restaurants, on those days…you can’t even throw the trash away at certain times or mow your lawn…this is the law! Those days are just to relax with family…that is because there is nothing left to do :). They really prioritize family and relaxation time and that was something you don’t see often in Japan, where most companies and factories work 24/7.  I was impressed by this, at first a little disappointed because literally everything is closed, but I got used to it with time and appreciated it…this way it gives you quality time to truly enjoy life. This taught us to prepare our supplies and actually plan trips and activities as a family. Germany was a wonderful experience, and definitely a place I would love to go back to. Certainly now, I regret never learning the language because that could of opened up to me more incredible experiences and memories.

There is so much more to share about our experiences in Germany, but instead, let me show you some memories that my heart will never forget.

This is beautiful Colmar, France…a small but very preserve town. You will fall in love with every corner of this town.

Amsterdam one of the most famous cities in Europe. We were lucky to have amazing friends living there to show us around!

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a very cold town in winter and extremely mild in summers, it has beautiful views and close to many popular historic cities. 

Rome and its romantic streets. It is just like the movies! 

Switzerland, I have to come back to this country, especially this town…even though I don’t like cold places, I fell in love with Grindelwald.

I wish I could write in more detail of every city we went to, but it would be a long post to read. I have a lot more to tell you and still so many wonderful places to mention.