Welcome to Mibella Studio!!!

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Hello , This is my very first blog ! I am so excited to share my personal life with you so that you get to know who is behind the camera. This blog is made with the goal of connecting us closer and finding things in common that we can discuss together, enjoy together, and who knows? Maybe do together. I am looking to get to know you as well. I feel that this is what my clients and people that follow my work deserve. Choose me, not just for service, but for an experience!

Let me tell you about things that I love…. I have two daughters that are my inspiration, they are so sweet and silly. Both have completely different personalities, one is very shy and the other very active and doesn’t think twice, well she is still a toddler, but a toddler with a double battery lol. My husband is my addiction, he has me crazy for him and he knows it lol… I just love the way he loves and cares for me and our girls.

I love fresh flowers, I do like roses but love the smell of lilies…it may sound crazy, but I like to talk to them. I will just turn to see them, go kiss them and tell them how happy they make me. Yup that’s me…

I am a fan of romantic movies. Who likes Jane Eyre? no matter how many times I watch that movie, I LOVE it. I prefer victorian style movies. I feel, if I could back in time, I would choose that era. Probably that’s why I enjoy going to Mom & Pops stores.

I like to eat good food.  I was born and raised in Peru but moved to Japan when I was 17 years old and lived there for 12 years. Those two countries are very proud for their gastronomy history, and they have viable reasons. My favorite dishes are Japanese sushi and Peruvian ceviche.

I love to travel, thanks to my husband’s  job, we get to move every few years and that gives us the chances to explore different countries and cultures.

My favorite drink is Glühwein, a German hot beverage in winter, they usually sell them in the Christmas markets (something that I miss going to so much)

I love to spend time with family, my blood family lives in Japan but I talk to them if not everyday every other day. My husband’s  family is like my own, they live a little over two hours away but everytime we see them, we hug and laugh for all those days that we did not see each other.  I must say that I am known as a hugger… Yes I know sometimes I annoy people with that, but is my way to show them how much I appreciate them, and probably it is a cultural thing as well.

I like to workout and eat healthy, but I am a human, I have a cheat day many times in a week LOL .

Hope we find something in common and someday get to know each other.

Another things that I love:

*Romantic movies          *Old tiny towns      *Travel

*Decorating                      * Sam Smith           *Black coffee

*Christmas season          *Sushi/Ceviche      *Tea parties

*Sweets with alcohol on it      *Hugs              *Cherry blossom